Today, businesses are sued at an alarming rate due to negligence or perceived negligence. Claims of bodily injury and property damage are the most common types of lawsuits that increase the likelihood of large claims for general liability. Whether these claims occur on your premises or where you provide service to your customers, you may find yourself liable for negligence if you are not properly covered by a strong general liability policy for your business.

Commercial general liability insurance commonly provides a range of coverage, including:

  • Bodily Injury – Business liability policies will cover the medical costs and will compensate for loss of services when a person is injured, gets sick or contracts a disease on your business premises.
  • Property Damage – General commercial liability coverage will reimburse others for damage to and loss of use of tangible property, caused by your business.
  • Tenant’s Liability – If you rent your business space, general liability coverage for business will protect against claims of damage caused by your negligence to that space, if a claim is pursued.
  • Premises and Operations Liability – If someone is injured on your business property, commercial general liability insurance will pay for medical services and treatment.
  • Personal and Advertising Injury – If your business is accused of copyright infringement, or slander or libel, general business liability coverage will pay for claims that result in a settlement.

The limits you should have for each type of general liability coverage depend on a wide range of considerations.

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